Student Services Counselling

We proudly offer a comprehensive array of essential services to educational institutions nationwide, with a primary focus on secondary school students who often find themselves navigating life without parental support. Our dedicated team is committed to advising and counseling school boards on a wide range of critical matters.

Our core services encompass:

  1. Educational Counseling: We provide expert guidance to students on vital educational issues. This includes assistance with course and program selection, crafting effective timetables and schedules, aiding in school adjustment, addressing attendance challenges, and fostering essential study skills.

  2. Career and Vocational Counseling: Our counselors empower students with career and vocational insight. We offer support in career exploration and planning, assist with résumé preparation, impart job interview skills, and provide invaluable job search strategies. Furthermore, we grant access to a wealth of educational and occupational resources.

  3. Co-op and School-to-Work Transition Programs: We coordinate co-op programs and seamless school-to-work transitions. Our services include career information dissemination, organizing professional development sessions, and facilitating exchanges with other educational institutions. We extend these services to students, parents, teachers, faculty, and staff.

  4. Collaborative Consultation: Our professionals collaborate closely with teachers, parents, faculty, and other experts such as psychologists, speech therapists, and social workers. We address a broad spectrum of issues and concerns, ensuring a holistic approach to student support. We also engage with administrators and community agencies, fostering vital programs and referrals.

  5. Study Skills Development: We design and coordinate study skills groups and workshops within high schools. Topics covered include effective note-taking, managing test or examination anxiety, preparation strategies, and mastering time management skills.

  6. Academic Outreach: We engage with colleges and secondary schools through informative visits, providing academic information to prospective students, parents, and educational counselors. Additionally, we coordinate or actively participate in student orientation programs at colleges and universities, ensuring a smooth transition for newcomers.

  7. Personal and Social Counseling: We offer empathetic and supportive counseling on personal and social issues. Our services encompass substance abuse, depression, sexuality, eating disorders, anxiety, self-esteem, family-related challenges, relationship and interpersonal skills, and anger management.

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